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05.09.2007 - SLR-106CR Rifles

Introducing Arsenal Inc.'s SLR-106CR!

Since the introduction of the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR, many of you have asked for a version that utilizes the highly sought after 90 degree front sight and gas block combo. We have listened, and the rifles are here! Introducing Arsenal Inc.'s SLR-106CR in 5.56 NATO! Yes, they are shipping now to our distributors, so call your dealer today if you want one of these extremely rare, beautiful and very high in demand rifles.

Arsenal Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing the finest rifles for collectors and enthusiasts. We apologize for the scarcity of these rifles, but due to the very limited parts availability, and the difficulty in importing additional parts, this is a very limited run, so contact your dealer if you want one of these beautiful rifles. This rifle will be finished in a matter of days, so act fast! This rifle is the best of its kind, and you will be the envy of your shooting buddies! Call your dealer and have them place an order for you right now to reserve one, because once they are gone, there will be no more!

For the first time, a factory original rifle in this configuration is available. Yes, you can now have one of these beautiful rifles without having to get it custom made!


Arsenal Inc.'s SLR-106CR Rifle is loaded with Desirable Features

Utilizing a time proven Arsenal, Bulgaria, Mil-Spec receiver and barrel assembly as a starting point, thus providing a solid foundation for what is truly one of our most exciting and innovative rifles to come along in years. Every Arsenal Inc. rifle is manufactured from brand new parts, not cobbled together from de-milled parts guns, so don't settle for second best. All Arsenal rifles are works of art, and this rifle rocks!

The SLR-106CR features a front sight and gas block combination that really sets it apart from the rest, giving this rifle that uniquely awesome look and improved balance. This configuration improves accuracy, because there is no separate front sight base at the end of the barrel. Not having that extra part hanging on the end of the barrel improves barrel harmonics and accuracy.


Featured in the latest issue of Small Arms Review, is the Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) version of this rifle. While the rifles are shipped with a 16 ¼" barrel to comply with Federal requirements, in States that allow ownership of Short Barrel Rifles, the SLR-106CR's barrel can be shortened to 12" after your SBR paperwork has been approved by the BATF&E. In this configuration, you will truly appreciate the balance and handling qualities of this fine rifle. If your State allows it, get this rifle made into an SBR, because it is extremely beautiful in that configuration and the rifle's balance is exquisite!

The U.S. made fire control group on the SLR-106CR is comprised of Arsenal Inc.'s excellent two-stage trigger, hammer and disconnector as used on the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR. What a sweet trigger group this is. When accuracy is the name of the game, this fire control group delivers in spades, because a crisp let-off awaits you!

The SLR-106CR incorporates a Warsaw Pact scope rail that is properly riveted and won't work itself loose, and it will accept all scope mounts designed for this type of rail.

A beautiful and rugged handguard set, manufactured from high quality polymers utilizes a stainless steel heatshield that will keep your hand cool when it counts most!

The top of the line solid polymer folding stock features a cut-out for the scope rail and a hinge mechanism assuring positive lock-up in both open and closed positions. The 4.5mm hinge pin allows the easy substitution of a triangular metal folder. Changing the look of your side folder rifle has never been easier! The beauty of it is, because the SLR-106CR has more than enough U.S. parts that changing the original buttstock to a foreign made triangular metal folder will still leave you in compliance with sec. 922r!


As shipped from Arsenal Inc., the SLR-106CR has 6 U.S. made parts to maintain sec. 922r compliance, though only 5 is required on this rifle. They are as follows:

1) Hammer
2) Trigger
3) Disconnector
4) Butt Stock
5) Pistol Grip
6) Hand Guards

The magazines used in this rifle are the very reliable and durable 5.56 NATO polymer magazines produced by Arsenal, Bulgaria. These magazines are readily available from K-VAR Corp. and many other fine retailers. They are available in 5, and 10 rounds in black, as well as in green, featuring the Arsenal logo. They are also available in 30 round black waffles, and 20 round, and 30 round versions in clear/smoke waffle, featuring the "10" in a double circle logo of Arsenal, Bulgaria.

Beware of poorly designed and manufactured copies of the Arsenal magazines, since they are not steel reinforced in the very critical front and rear magazine catch areas, and they will not last, nor feed reliably. If it does not have the "10" in a double circle logo on the side of the magazine, it is not an Arsenal, Bulgaria original. You don't put cheap tires on a world-class sports car, so why would you use low-quality, imitation magazines in your Arsenal? Go with the finest and don't settle for second best. Get Arsenal!

Each SLR-106CR rifle comes with the following accessories:

5-Round Magazine
Cleaning Kit in a tube

SLR-106FR (Ban Style) rifles are now out of production. The last of these superb rifles are being shipped out now. This is it. Now it is your last chance to own the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR rifles before they are completely out of the market.

We would like to thank everyone who supported and helped us turn the SLR-106F / SLR-106FR, one of the finest and most developed rifles of its kind, to a success.