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09.22.2006 - SLR-106F and SLR-106FR

Arsenal Inc.’s SLR-106F and SLR-106FR Are Here!

The long-awaited debut of the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR has arrived! Yes, they are shipping now to our distributors!

Please have your local dealer contact one of our distributors to place an order.
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Arsenal Inc.’s SLR-106F and SLR-106FR Rifles

There has been a huge demand for this style of rifles in 5.56 NATO, as prices for this ammo have dropped. The 5.56 NATO round is used by our Military and is manufactured in large quantities in the U.S. and elsewhere. The variety of bullet types, weights and loadings for the 5.56 NATO and .223 is astounding! Therefore, Arsenal Inc. decided it was a great time to introduce stamped receiver rifles in this caliber.

Introducing Arsenal Inc.’s SLR-106F and SLR-106FR series chambered in 5.56 NATO!

tilizing a time proven Arsenal, Bulgaria, Mil-Spec receiver and barrel assembly as a starting point, gives Arsenal Inc. a solid foundation for what is truly their most exciting and innovative rifle to come along in years, for America’s growing legion of enthusiasts for this type of rifle.

A large amount of capital has been invested, along with many hours of research and development, and it looks like Arsenal has hit the jackpot!

There are two models in the SLR-106 series; The SLR-106F and the SLR-106FR. The SLR-106FR incorporates a Warsaw Pact scope rail that will accept all scope mounts designed for this type of rail. Other than that, these rifles are identical in every respect, exhibiting the same high build quality as previous Arsenal Inc. rifles.

The front sight base is the SLR-105 type, with 24x1.5 right hand threads and will accept all muzzle devices that are threaded for it. It also uses a front sight post that is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The bayonet lug will accept all bayonets designed for this rifle type, provided the compensator is installed. The compensator is the very effective SLR-105 unit, and a cleaning rod is included.

A 16 ¼” Steyr technology cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel with a 1 in 7 twist rate, ensures consistent accuracy and increased barrel life, while the 90 degree gas chamber features a chrome-lined chamber, which increases durability in an area that gets really hot during extended shooting sessions. An accessory lug is incorporated into the lower part of the gas chamber. The accessory lug can be used to mount a flashlight and lasers that are starting to be made for this type of accessory lug, as well as other previous accessories.

The lower handguard is a time proven design and incorporates an industry-first stainless steel heat shield. Several months of research and development involving great expense, went into the design and manufacture of these heat shields, ensuring that we can provide the enthusiast with the absolute best in cooling performance. Its heat dissipation performance is unmatched! The heat shield also incorporates a notch and bump to guide the cleaning rod under the front trunnion. The gas tube incorporates a tension spring to help ensure a snug fit. Both the upper and lower hand guards are made from high tech polymers and dyes to ensure superior durability and resist cracking and fading.
The SLR-106 rifles utilize an 800 meter rear sight and a rear sight block that is calibrated especially for the 5.56 NATO cartridges.

The heart of these rifles and keeping it all together is the best stamped receiver made. Arsenal, Bulgaria’s Mil-Spec hardened, 1mm receiver is the best there is, with Bulgarian rivets that are of the proper hardness for this application. The spot welds are in the right place, the holes are properly cut, and the mag-well dimples are the correct shape and depth. These receivers are simply the best!

The bolt carrier, bolt assembly, and gas piston are high quality Bulgarian units. The bolt carrier features a slot to clear the mag lips on the 5.56 mags. The bolt assembly uses a spring-loaded firing pin for added safety. The gas piston is chrome-lined for durability.

The fire control group on the SLR-106 and SLR-106FR comprise Arsenal’s newly designed two-stage trigger, hammer and disconnector. These trigger groups are unique in the industry, incorporating never before seen features to eliminate trigger slap. The let-off is crisp, with no creep. Initial trigger pull weight is 3lbs, and then it becomes 8lbs at let-off. A lot of effort went into their design, and it really shows with improved accuracy, performance and shooter comfort.

The pistol grip for the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR is Arsenal’s new style pistol grip, and is specially designed for use on rifles with the grip reinforcement plate. They are matte black in color, and are shallower in depth than the old style pistol grips and designed to fit flush with the grip reinforcement plate without any overhang, as was the case with the old style pistol grip. They are discretely marked with U.S. and the Arsenal logo on top and the markings can only be seen with the grip removed from the rifle, in deference to collectors and enthusiasts who don’t want the markings to be visible. The grip angle of the new pistol grip also allows the rifle to stand straight up, when the stock is folded. It’s quite a neat feature!

The most sought after folding stock for this series of rifles comes standard on the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR. These are made in the U.S. and are a work of art! Arsenal Inc. isn’t known for cutting corners, and their latest folding stock continues their fine tradition of bringing you the best in Mil-Spec parts for your rifle.

Arsenal’s designers have gone over every fine detail, not once or twice, but many times over, right down to how well the sling swivel fits in the stock to ensure a bind-free operation. This is one solid and very well-designed folding stock. Countless hours and a lot of money were spent on research and development, and it shows!


Arsenal Inc.’s latest product in a long line of polymer stock innovations is also a direct replacement for the skeleton folding stock with the 4.5mm pivot pin. Therefore, if you so desire, you can replace the polymer folder on your SLR-106F and SLR-106FR rifle with a skeleton folder and vice-versa.

This is the best solid side-folder ever made. Period! Beginning with advanced polymers, special dyes, and utilizing proprietary molds that took months to develop, Arsenal has gone the distance on this one. Internal reinforcing ribs ensure crush-free performance, while maintaining a slim, sexy profile and light weight. The groove on the side not only looks great, it also helps it maintain its composure under recoil. This stock is beautiful! However, beauty only takes you so far and this stock delivers the goods, and offers a lot more than you can see.

The hinge and rear latch mechanism is the heart of this folding stock, and it is a good one. The tolerances are tight, and the radius is perfect, which ensures a smooth and trouble-free operation. A tremendous amount of effort went into its development, and it has paid huge dividends, because it performs. The lock-up is so secure and tight, that when the stock is fully extended, it feels like you are handling and shooting a fixed stock rifle. Yes, it’s that solid! In fact, the mechanism is so smooth, that you will be opening and closing this stock many times, because it is so much fun!

When Arsenal set out to make this folding stock, their target was perfection. There was to be no corner cutting. Turn the sling swivel and you will see that Arsenal has achieved its goal. It is smooth and bind free while turning a full 360 degrees; a plus when the sling is deployed. Whether the stock is folded or extended, the sling swivel works great.

The butt plate not only looks sharp, it is very functional and ingenious. It is ribbed to help keep it from slipping off your shoulder when shooting, and it has a trapdoor for a cleaning kit. The most ingenious feature of the butt plate assembly is the trapdoor spring that also serves as the pushbutton spring. The pushbutton allows you to unlatch the stock from the forward catch mechanism when the stock is folded. The forward catch mechanism is the already proven design currently in use on thousands of rifles worldwide.


One of the finest and most thoughtful features of the SLR-106 is it was designed to use the same folding stock trunnion and hinge mechanism as the left side folding triangular metal stock. As a result, this stock is a direct replacement for the polymer folding stock that is standard equipment on the Arsenal SLR-106F and SLR-106FR rifles!

Yes, these stocks use the same standard 4.5mm pin, and have the same pivot pin angle as used on the SLR-106. This will allow you to switch from the solid poly folder to the metal triangle folder just by removing the pin, remove the existing stock and replace it with the other and vice-versa!

Changing the look of your side folder rifle has never been easier!

When changing the U.S. made solid polymer folding stock with a Bulgarian made triangular metal folding stock, please be aware that you will need to replace a Bulgarian made part elsewhere on the rifle with its U.S. made counterpart, to maintain sec. 922r compliance. There can only be 10 foreign made parts on your rifle in order to remain compliant.

The easiest Bulgarian part to replace on the SLR-106 with a U.S. made equivalent, is the muzzle brake. There are many manufacturers of this type of muzzle brake and they are readily available. Arsenal Inc. is also working on a U.S. made version of this muzzle brake, so stay tuned!

As shipped from Arsenal, the 6 U.S. made parts on the SLR-106F and SLR-106FR rifles, to maintain sec. 922r compliance, are as follows:

1) Hammer
2) Trigger
3) Disconnector
4) Butt Stock
5) Pistol Grip
6) Hand Guards

The magazines used in these rifles are the very reliable and durable 5.56 NATO polymer mags produced by Arsenal, Bulgaria. These magazines are distributed exclusively by K-VAR Corp., and extra mags can be purchased from them. They are available in 5, and 10 rounds in black, as well as in green, featuring the Arsenal logo. They are also available in 30 round black waffles, and 20 round, and 30 round versions in clear waffle.

Each rifle comes with the following accessories:

5 Round Magazine
Cleaning Kit in a tube
Oil Bottle