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12.06.2010 - ARSENAL, INC’S California Compliant Series Rifles

Right to Bear Arms

California Compliant Series Rifles

Las Vegas, NV – Arsenal, Inc. is excited to announce the release of its “The Right to Bear Arms” series of California Compliant rifles. This long-awaited series consists of U.S. made, 7.62x39mm caliber, milled receiver rifles that are manufactured at Arsenal, Inc.’s state-of-the-art factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. In order to insure Arsenal, Inc.’s high standards for quality and reliability were never compromised, Arsenal, Inc. developed its own technology to meet and exceed all requirements set by current California law. By developing this new technology, Arsenal, Inc. is able to maintain the superior quality they have always been known for, while adhering to the original technology and design. All units are backed by the original factory warranty and are assembled to 922(r) compliance.

Arsenal, Inc.’s Proprietary California Magazine Lock

Generally, California restricts the sale and possession of semi-automatic center fire rifles with the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and other specified features. California regulations, however, exclude magazines that require the use of a tool to be removed from being deemed “detachable magazines.” Our new California line departs from the standard rifles and shotguns of this type by requiring the use of Arsenal, Inc.’s proprietary tool to remove the magazine. Arsenal, Inc’s new magazine lock design thereby renders the magazine “non-detachable” under California law.

The technology behind Arsenal, Inc.’s new design includes the absence of the protruding tab at the bottom of the magazine catch, which usually permits the user to push with his thumb and remove the magazine. The addition of a special housing, which fits inside the trigger guard’s original housing, completely surrounds the magazine catch. Together, the special magazine catch and housing require a special tool to operate the internal magazine catch. Our proprietary tool, provided with each California edition rifle and shotgun by Arsenal, Inc., is required to unlock and remove the magazine through a narrow channel on the housing. Unlike other semi-engineered designs in the market, Arsenal, Inc’s slick design does not bulk up the trigger guard and does not disfigure the profile of the rifle. Arsenal, Inc.’s uses a unique magazine catch pin, specifically designed for the California compliant series firearms. This 2-piece design provides added security and integrity to the assembly.

Arsenal, Inc.’s design of the non-detachable magazine system fully meets and exceeds the State of California’s requirements for classifying the factory shipped rifles and shotguns as California compliant.*

* The Department of Justice of the State of California has not evaluated this system and does not issue official ruling on firearm compliance.