The 5.56 NATO AR-M2F is a highly effective automatic weapon designed for the antipersonnel role at range of 500m. The system operates on propellant gasses diverted through a vent in the barrel.
The barrel chamber is closed by turn of the bolt and engaging the firing stops in the receiver.

The weapon is characterized by milled receiver made according to the method of hot die forging.

   Single and multiple targets can be destroyed by burst firing at range of 300 m. Skilled marksmen can hit targets in the single-shot mode up to 400 m. The bullet has a lethal range of 1100m.

   A metal folding butt and a shortened barrel are fitted to the rifle so the constriction generally features a basic individual weapon of assault and special task group.

The weapon fires 5.5645mm cartridges - bullet type SS109 and M193.

The Assault Rifles design allows the attachment of 40x46 mm ARSENAL UBGL-M6 or 40mm ARSENAL UBGL-1
or GP-25 KASTYOR Underbarrel Grenade Launchers, and firing with them.
5.56 NATO AR-M2F has metal down folding butt.

Extras-Paid separately:-AR-M2F
- luminous spot on the sights;
- 20/30-round translucent polymer magazine;
- front sight adjusting kit (in the ratio 1:10);
- set for magazines coupling;
- blank fire attachment;
- lazer aim indicator

caliber: 5.5645mm NATO
total length: 880 mm (34.65 in.)
folded length: 830 mm (32.68 in.)
barrel length: 320 mm (12.60 in.)
rifling: 6 grooves
twist rate: 1 in 178 mm (7 in.)
weight w/o magazine: 3.55 kg (7 lbs 13.223 oz)
muzzle velocity: 860 m/s (2,821.52 fps)
effective range: 400 m (437 yds)
maximum range: 1100 m (1,203 yds)
rear sight range: 500 m (547yds)
rate of Fire: 600 rounds/min. up to 100 pratical auto, 40 single fire
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