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  • Knife with Internal Shooting Mechanism

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    A knife that is also a .22s revolver. The revolver’s cylinder is hidden in the handle of the knife. When the handle is opened and the cylinder loaded, the handle cocks the action with the trigger popping out from the handle. Low serial numbers and presentation box included.

    • MSRP: $19,999.00
    • SKU: RS-1S
  • Briefcase with Internal Shooting

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    BS-1 Briefcase with handle with internal shooting mechanism, .22 Short caliber

    • MSRP: $7,999.99
    • SKU: BS-1
  • Quick Mount Suppressor

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    Arsenal, Inc. compact titanium 7.62mm quick mount suppressor, includes one 14x1mm LH and one 24x1.5 mm RH adaptors, manufactured by Gemtech

    • MSRP: $999.99
    • SKU: ARS30-1