Metal and Polymer Buttstocks For Stamped or Milled Receivers
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AK-005B AK Rubber Shock Absorber With Strap
AK-020BUS US Made Black Polymer Buttstock Assembly for Stamped Receiver Rifles
AK-020BUSM U.S. made black polymer buttstock assembly for milled receiver rifles, NATO length
AK-020DUSL Buttstock assembly, US made, 1.25" extended NATO length for stamped receivers, Desert Sand color
AK-020USPL US Made Plum Polymer Buttstock Assembly
AK-432R AK-432R Folding Buttstock Assembly
AK-LSFB Buttstock LS Fold BULG 4.5 mm Pivot Pin
AK-LSFD DS LS Fold US 4.5mm Pivot Pin, Arsenal, Inc
AK-LSFP PLUM Left Side Fold US 4.5 mm Pivot Pin Hole, US made
KR-001PB Latch Push-Button
KR-003B Carrying Case KRINK for all AKSU (Krinkov) rifles and AK pistols, Arsenal Bulgaria
AK-020DUSW Tan Buttstock
Items: 112 of 14