SLR-107FR and SLR-104UR Temporarily Out

Arsenal, Inc. - Press Release

 April 29, 2015

SLR-107FR and SLR-104UR Temporarily Out

LAS VEGAS, NV – In the recent weeks, Arsenal, Inc. has been receiving a large number of calls and e-mails from our customers and dealers, inquiring about the SLR-107FR and SLR-104UR rifles. Regretfully, the supplies of these models have become scarce in the market. The SLR-107FR and SLR-104UR have been 2 of Arsenal’s top-selling items ever, and the demand has always been high for them.

Arsenal immensely values the US commercial market and our customers who are hunters, shooting sportsmen, collectors, 2nd Amendment supporters, and those who use our Modern Sporting Rifles and other products for self-defense. We try our best to do everything to satisfy your demands and provide products that you love and need. However, as you are aware, Arsenal also has serious military obligations throughout the world. Due to the current situation in the world and the sharp increase in violence in places such as Middle East and the demand to replenish countries’ militaries to constrain those who cause harm and evil, it has become necessary to shift Arsenal’s full concentration on fulfilling military contracts. This has caused sharp, but hopefully a short-lived halt in production of commercial products.

Currently, all SLR-107FR models, including SLR107-31, SLR107-32, SLR107-33, SLR107-34, and SLR107-36 configurations, and all SLR-104UR models with standard 16-inch barrel, including SLR104-51, SLR104-52, SLR104-53, and SLR104-54 configurations are temporarily out. All units have been shipped out of Arsenal to our distributors. Please inquiry with your dealers, distributors, or retail outlets for any availability for any units that are still in the pipeline.

We hope that the circumstances will normalize soon and these 2 popular models will be back in the market again. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.