Warranty and Service Policy

Notice To California Residents: Given the everchanging landscape of California’s firearms regulations, Arsenal ceased production of any California Compliant firearms in December of 2016. As such, the purchase of any Arsenal firearm in California since that time was done so at your own risk. Arsenal does not warrant that any of its firearms are compliant with California’s firearm regulations and assumes no liability for any end user or third-party modifications. Further, the modification of any Arsenal firearm to make it “California Compliant” shall void any manufacturer warranty.


Arsenal Inc. firearms and other products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Any such defects of which Arsenal Inc. receives written notice within one (1) year from the date of purchase by the original owner will be remedied by Arsenal Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) without charge within a reasonable time after such notification and delivery of the firearm.

The product should be delivered to: 

Arsenal, Inc.
4395 W. Post Rd. #100
Las Vegas, NV 89118 USA
Tel.: 702-643-2220

DO NOT send rifles or other products without an authorized RMA number. Please submit your warranty claim electronically below to obtain an RMA number. 

Submit Warranty Claim

A copy of the bill of sale in the owner’s name, or a copy of ATF Form 4473 indicating the date of purchase of a firearm must be included. Warranty claims should state the model and serial number of the firearm concerned and the description of the claimed defect. It is recommended that shipments be insured by the owner. Arsenal Inc. does not accept responsibility for loss or damage in transit.

Arsenal Inc. shall not be responsible for:

Defects or malfunctions resulting from careless handling, adjustments or modifications made by the owner; use of defective or improper ammunition and/or magazine; corrosion; ordinary wear and tear; unreasonable use, abuse, and/or misuse; failure to provide proper care and maintenance; use of improper ammunition and/or magazine; or cosmetic defects not reported in writing within ten (10) days after receipt of product by original owner.

The warranty (included with product) covers any service, repair and /or replacement of any product manufactured or imported by Arsenal Inc. This ensures that all Arsenal Inc. products are fully functional and free from manufacturing defects, according to factory standards.

The duration of this warranty covers any Arsenal Inc. product for one (1) year from the original purchase of the product by the original owner.

Failure to provide proper care and maintenance, abuse and/or misuse, improper ammunition and/or magazine, unauthorized adjustments, repairs, or modification, or any replacement of factory installed component with any non-factory component will automatically void this warranty.

Prior to shipping, your firearm was thoroughly inspected, and test fired in order to ensure that it meets and/or exceeds factory specifications and tolerance standards.
During shipping, minor cosmetic damage may occur to products, such as paint blemishes. While these occurrences are rare, in such instances customer should send a clear picture of the cosmetic damage to Arsenal Inc. For minor paint blemishes, Arsenal Inc. reserves the right to send customer free touch-up paint which can be easily used to repair the blemishes.

Our customer service department will determine if your product requires factory service and/or repair and will give instructions for the proper return of your product. Our qualified technicians will give your product a complete and thorough inspection to evaluate and determine the extent of the problem(s).

 All products must be shipped to us prepaid. We will not under any circumstances accept collect shipments.

All shipments must be authorized by a factory customer representative and assigned an RMA Number. The RMA Number must be visible on the outside of the package and included in the note accompanying the package. Do NOT ship rifles without first obtaining an RMA Number. No shipment without an RMA number will be accepted. All such shipments will be rejected and returned to the sender. 


The warranty of your rifle is voided with the use of sub-standard magazines which are determined by Arsenal, Inc. to be out of mil specification and harmful to your rifle.

WARNING: Modern gun cleaning solvents can be very aggressive. Before use, test solvents on a small portion of each part to check for possible damage to the finish of all the various metal and plastic parts. Keep in mind that more than one type of finish may exist on metal parts. Any damages caused by such aggressive solvents will not be covered under warranty.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The paint finish on your rifle is identical to the finish applied on military rifles. Arsenal, Inc. highly recommends using cleaning products approved by the military for such finishes. Your rifle has been effectively tested with a mil specification product, Break-Free® CLP (Clean, Lubricate, Protect). This product is known to be harmless to your rifle's finish while being an effective cleaner and lubricant. Break-Free® CLP is available commercially and is the only product tested and recommended for use by Arsenal, Inc.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about service, please call us at (702) 643-2220 or email us at customerservice@arsenalinc.com.