Elevation Wrench

May 7, 2018
elevation wrench


Made  to fit the front sight post of the SLR, SAM, and all other rifles and  pistols of the same platform, this precision tool is divided into 32  micrometer numbers and is strategically marked for better visibility and  adjustment. It comes complete with a step-by-step operators manual.

This  Front Sight Post Adjustment Tool, once available only to the military  (Arsenal, Incs Military CAGE Code 4UBG6), is now available to sell to  the public as part# AA1401A.

This AK elevation wrench is made of  heavy duty, solid tooling stainless steel that has been heat treated  and chrome plated to insure that its lifetime warranty is never used.  With the protective chrome finish, it is designed to work and survive in  the harshest environments..

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